Boostcase Hybrid — a must buy for iPhone 4/4S users

After reading good reviews and buy recommendations about the Boostcase Hybrid from PTB, Abuggedlife, and Technograph, I finally gave it a go and bought one. Indeed, it is capable of doubling my iPhone’s battery life, especially when I’m nowhere near a power outlet, places other than the house or the office.

I’ve been to out-of-town trips where I found my iPhone’s battery dead (or almost dead) before the trip is over. These are the instances that the Boostcase battery pack could have proved very useful.

Don’t get me wrong, I consider the iPhone’s battery to be the most reliable and most consistent compared to say an Android (more on this in another post) and even BlackBerry. I mean I can install any new apps on the iPhone without worrying much about any additional strain on the battery, as compared to when using Android and BlackBerry. Of course, unlimited 3G use especially when using the Maps app can drain a lot of battery.

The foregoing photos are all taken by yours truly:

After a week with this Boostcase Hybrid, here are my impressions (will update this list once I note more experiences. I’ll also be glad to answer questions about the device if you post your questions at the comments section below):

  • It is sleek and sturdy, and actually looks good when attached to the iPhone — if you can forgive the additional bulk. The design and construction is nowhere near the cheap category;
  • Recharge of the device by itself took around 4 hours, even with the iPhone adapter;
  • You can check the Bosstcase’s battery status by pressing the the power button at the bottom of the battery pack (though, I’ve noted the battery status as indicated are not accurate sometimes);
  • The Slimfit SnapOn case alone without the battery pack is a little thick at the back, as compared to other protective cases in the market (see photo);
  • The battery pack gets a little hot when attached to the iPhone — so stowing away the combo at your pocket might sometimes prove to be uncomfortable;
  • Another reason to love more the iPhone besides the awesome OS and the supporting apps. The fact that new iPhone models come out only once a year (as compared to weekly announcements of new Android devices) and that the form factor are all the same even after the upgrade from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S, third party manufacturers are able to come out with impressive accessories just like this one to cater to the huge iPhone userbase — you don’t get these great third party accessories for BlackBerry and Android devices!;
  • The one thing that actually made me think twice before buying the Boostcase is that the next version of the iPhone (call it iPhone 5 if you may) may not share the same form factor, thus rendering it useless once I upgrade my device;
  • One best case scenario in the use of this accessory is if you don’t want to be plugging your iPhone to a power outlet or to your computer anymore. You could charge the Boostcase on its own (for four hours) to full charge, and attach it to your iPhone when the latter’s battery is already down. Then you won’t be away from your iPhone anymore while it’s charging;

By the way, I bought the Boostcase Hybrid at Power Mac Center in Greenbelt 3, Makati, for PHP3,550.00.

P.S. You can watch more video reviews about Boostcase Hybrid here and here.

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