Sky Broadband Speed Test

In the light of the new price scheme offering from Sky Broadband, the 5Mbps at P999, I tried testing my current speed with my subscription with Sky Broadband.

Their website has this utility to test your speed, and here’s my result:

It says I’m running at 1.47Mbps downstream and 0.47Mbps upstream.

But running the application in my iPhone revealed the following result:

This time I’m only running at 255kbps downstream and 243kbps upstream.

Now, which one is telling the truth? Does it mean the speedtest utility at SkyBroadband’s own website is deceitful—and never reliable?

It’s the classic case of caveat emptor. Their 5Mbps option looks attractive, but I don’t think I could really rely on their ability to deliver that consistent fast internet speed.

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