7 thoughts on “2006 Philippine Bar Exam Results

  1. Cons

    Congratulations to Atty. Deborah Acosta!!! Astig ka!!! Galing galing # 2 sa Bar!!!

    Also, congratulations to Atty. Mark Dennis Joven, ok lang yun pre kung CPA Boards ka lang nag-top. hehehe

    Congratulations to all Bar passers!!!!

  2. deuts Post author

    Buti n lng hindi pa tayo nag-aaral ng Law at nagtake nitong last September. Kung nagkataon eh baka number 4 n lng si Noel Malimban na yan! bwahahahahahah

  3. Tess Valdez

    My brother Ferdinand A. Valdez passed the bar this year. However, it is unfortunate, he is no longer around to celebrate and feel the victory. He passed away last Oct. 6, 2007. It is bitter sweet. He is someone who loves to be around ordinary people. He would give everything he has to anyone who needs it. He has a big heart. He is my baby brother, the only brother we have with a family of six girls and he is the 7th and the youngest.I’m asking everyone to please pray for him. He is with our Lord looking from above.

  4. deuts Post author

    It’s so sad to hear about that. I’m sorry but I didn’t hear about that incident whatever actually happened. We’ll pray for him.

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