The Trilogy Ends

pacquiao vs. morales

The trilogy ends with big cheers from Filipinos! The match dubbed as “The Grand Finale” was a TKO in the 3rd round in favor of Pacquiao!

Manny Pacquiao, before the bout, was quoted saying:

Morales will fee the strength of the people of The Philippines behind every punch I land on him. This may be the ‘Grand Finale’ on our trilogy, but it is just the beginning for Manny Pacquiao.

the grand finale

Both fighters came out with heedless aggression, and Pacquiao first knocked Morales down against the ropes late in the second round. Morales kept returning shots, but couldn’t keep up with Pacquiao’s pace — and after a knockdown midway through the third, Pacquiao finished him with a devastating left hook with just 3 seconds left.

Being here in Qatar, we’ve not much news about this match. I’m actually wondering, what was Manny’s theme song for this fight? How much who’s bet?

Moreover, are we even sure that the rivalry beween Pacquiao and Morales is confined only in this “trilogy”, thus “The Grand Finale”?

More Pictures…


pacquaio labas ugat





4 thoughts on “The Trilogy Ends

  1. Jaypee

    Pacquiao showed the world and all the haters how good he is and that they shouldn’t underestimate him. Before the fight, i read a lot of predictions from sports analysts and writers and most of them picked Morales to win because of experience and skill. Well, now they know what Manny can do. 😀

    Very good photos. 🙂

  2. deuts Post author

    Yeah, I think the “trilogy” is enough to prove that Pacquiao is a better boxer than Morales. I too found the photos interesting and worth posting. I only received them as email attachments, and didn’t know to whom credit is due. That’s why I failed to mention any credits for the photos. Thanks for the comments.


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